Granite Shoals Police Department
The City of Granite Shoals is served by a Police Force comprised of experienced, professional law enforcement personnel. GSPD is continually adding capabilities and training to further improve the daily service and duty.

Currently, the department consists of eight full time officers and Jopie the K-9 unit. For full bio and video from each officer, go to the media center and click on "Meet the department".

In addition to the high visibility patrol units and a reputation for rapid call response, the GSPD maintains Special Units vital to the needs of the City of Granite Shoals.



The GSPD Dive Team currently consists of six members, all of whom are certified rescue divers. (Certification through Professional Association of Dive Instructors) The dive team conducts regular training for skills development and on going certification.

Dive Team Equipment obtained thanks to donations to GSPOA:
• Zeagle SCUBA diving gear
• Incident and Command vehicle
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GSPD's K-9 Unit was formed in 2005 by Chief Wilson. Jopie, the Departments K-9 is a seven-year-old German Shepard, born and trained in the Netherlands. Jopie originally partnered with Chief Wilson, but as the department expanded, Sergeant Boshears was certified to be an handler. Jopie and Sergeant Boshears have been working together since 2007.

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